Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sustainability in Clearwater

Sam found an article about a new local group working for sustainability and permaculture right here in northern Pinellas. Hurrah! I joined IMMEDIATELY and will attend my first meeting tomorrow - gathering seaweed on the causeway to use in composting. Don't know if they've considered that this is a limited resource utilized by many, many native creatures, but I'll find out tomorrow.

It's so good that even a small effort is being made - because more and more reports are becoming dire:

The World Water Council predicts that some 3.5 billion people will live in areas without sufficient water supplies by 2025. If global society continues to consume water in a business-as-usual way, there may not be enough water to produce the food needed to feed the world in 2050, according to the Worldwatch Institute's 2008 State of the World report.

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Amy said...

Hi. I was wondering the name of the organization is that your involved in. I just moved here and am looking for ways to get involved.